The below are the commonly asked questions if there is further information required , customers are welcome to send any queries.

Does the machine need repair?

A. We aim to sell machines which do not need repair work. Each machine is thoroughly ” inspected “keeping in mind all the aspects and factors essential for quality printing before adding on our inventory and before making it available for our customers.

How much time it takes for the delivery?

A. It depends which geographical region the machine is coming from but on an average it would take 45 -60 days provided that the machine is out of the production floor of the current user.

Do we undertake Installation?

A. Yes we do undertake full installation at an additional cost .

How much time does it take for installation?

A. Approx 10 days for a single colour , 3 weeks for a 2 colour , 8 weeks for a 4 colour and 6 weeks for an Oven .

Can the machine be seen in running condition?

A. It would depend on machine to machine , wherever there is a possibility to see running , client is welcome to see and in case where the machine has stopped production and is dismantled then a thorough physical inspection may be the best option.

Conditions of the cylinders

A. We only offer machines having good condition cylinders and ” Guaranteed “without any waiveness or dents . There may be situations where alenkey or screw has run over the cylinders at some duration but with well repaired and without compromising even 1% effect on its print quality.

Year of manufacture?

A. In case of Mailander , LTG and KBA the year of manufacturing is known and emborced in the machine however the Marquess model in Crabtree doesn’t carry the year of manufacture on the machine , this has to be trusted on the sellers information or by noting down the serial number and then to be inquired from Crabtree .

“ We respect to our clients feed backs and we take their points for future success.”