Metaldec Welcomes Ex Ltg Ex Crabtree Sales Director : John Mchugh


Metaldec welcomes Ex LTG Ex Crabtree Sales Director : John McHugh.

Why Buy Used?

When adding or replacing machinery for metal decorating the customer is faced with a variety of choices.

Buying new or used is one of them, it is very important to remember what the equipment is used for, obviously in the case of a printing machine it is to decorate cans.

The decoration on the finished can cannot reveal to anyone what machine it has been decorated on. Whilst many claim that they can it is a fact that you cannot. This means that buying a new machine is not the only way to improve quality. A well-chosen used machine can print just as well as any new model.

Reliability is another factor, this is down to maintenance and upkeep. Some older models are very simple to maintain and operate, spare parts are readily available from many sources. Older machines were built to last and they do. When buying a machine originally built and designed for another material the original designed life should be taken into consideration.

A badly used, worn out machine will always be cheap and a questionable investment, a well maintained and reconditioned machine although seemingly more expensive makes very good economic sense.

Our machines are carefully sourced and picked, they can be bought as is or refurbished, Iether way it is a smartchoice.

Metal Printing Industry

In 1875 Printing on ” Tin ” by offset process had been invented in England by Robert Barclay . Much to everyone”s surprise it was invented before printing on paper and is the oldest form refers as “offset ” .

The printing process is called as Lithographic , where the inks from the ink rollers gets into contact with the plate which separates the area to be printed called as the image area and the non image area . The inks from the inking rollers come in contact with the image area and the non image area attracts the water forming a film also called as fountain solution . The offset process is where plate transfers the image area to the printing blanket and then to the tin . The means to carry this operation are the 3 cylinders , plate, blanket and impression .

Metal printing by offset , we welcome our clients in this wonderful world of metal printing …

“We respect to our clients feed backs and we take their points for future success.”